Mazda Prepaid Maintenance

at Evansville Mazda

Why Choose The Mazda Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan?

The Mazda service team knows your vehicle better than any mechanic. It offers the value of manufacturer-recommended service along with a fair price. Explore benefits at every plan level:

Treat Your Mazda like a Luxury Vehicle with the Mazda Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan

Your Mazda provides you with a luxury experience, so it deserves to get luxury treatment when it's time for a service appointment. Here at Evansville Mazda, we believe that our service team should be able to treat your Mazda to a world-class experience, but the cost for services can start to add up over time, making it tough to pay out of pocket. With the Mazda Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan, we'll help you save up to 25% more than you would if you paid for all the routine maintenance services separately. Our goal is to ensure that you get the best service alongside impressive price options.

Which Plan is Right for Your Lifestyle?

The plan comes in three different levels: primary, enhanced, and ultimate. Which one you choose depends on the amount of service you want for your vehicle.


  • Engine Oil and Filter Change
  • Tire Rotations
  • Mazda Full-Circle Service Inspection
  • Spring Maintenance Inspection
  • Fall Maintenance Inspection
  • Inspect Differential Fluid
  • Inspect Disc Brakes
  • Inspect Brake Lines, Hoses, and Connections
  • Inspect Brake Fluid Levels
  • Inspect Function of All Lights
  • Inspect Power Steering Fluid Level
  • Inspect Washer Fluid Level
  • Inspect Tire Inflation and Wear


    The enhanced service level includes all the features from the primary plan and adds in:

  • Replace Engine Air Filter
  • Replace Cabin Air Filter


    The ultimate service plan is the apex offering from Mazda. It provides all the previous features and also includes:

  • Replace Engine Coolant
  • Tighten Bolts and Nuts on Chassis and Body
  • Lubricate Lock and Hinges
  • Inspect Drive Belts
  • Inspect Engine Coolant Level
  • Inspect Fuel Lines and Hoses
  • Inspect Hoses and Tubes for Emissions
  • Inspect Steering Operation and Linkages
  • Inspect Driveshaft Dust Boots
  • Inspect Exhaust System and Shields
  • Inspect Front and Rear Suspension, Ball Joints, and Wheel Bearing Axial Play
  • Engine Vale Clearance

Optional surcharged items also include replacing spark plugs and replacing manual transmission oil.


With The Mazda Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan, you're guaranteed a level of service that other plans can't match. Available in multiple-year terms ranging up to five years, for purchased or lease Mazda vehicles, and for pre-owned or certified pre-owned Mazda models, these plans are the ideal way to save money on services and ensure you continue to operate at peak performance. Call us today to learn more about the plans that we offer!

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